SFR is honored to feature only the highest quality choice cuts from Heywood’s Provisions located right here in Marietta, Georgia.


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I have lived across the United States and traveled worldwide. What I have learned along life’s path - is that we are all fundamentally the same. The Southern for Reel Project exists to promote love and respect for all people.

I was raised by a covenant of strong southern women. My maternal grandmother was one of the First women to earn a Certified Public Accountant license in the state of Alabama. My fraternal grandmother was the President and Chief Executive Officer of heavy road construction and materials companies. They loved hard, laughed often, and lived beautifully alongside Florida’s Emerald Coast. No loved one ever left their table hungry, or without a little jingle in their pocket for the road ahead. Through their love, they created an environment that fostered kindness towards others. From my earliest days, I observed that it was the strongest among us who were also the most kind.


My Grandfathers served our nation and survived: WWII, Korea, and Vietnam. They were compassionate and quietly charitable to all. My parents continued these traditions - as an Airman, my Father flew combat missions in the defense of the freedom of all people. He and his crew members would leave their own families for weeks at a time to execute missions around the globe. My Mother locked arms with other spouses and established the home front in each of the communities that would become our own. She cooked with great love making sure we always enjoyed meals others would happily pay to eat.


Today my we honor these legacies of service and kindness through The Southern for Reel Kitchen, a not-for-profit organization established in 2020 with the objectives:

  • to provide fine prepared foods to those who share our passions

  • to donate as many prepared meals to Americans in need as possible


As a kitchen, we strive to provide the highest quality prepared foods available for the best possible value.


We are proud to feature select products by other artisanal makers - after all, there are some deals that simply cannot be beat, always with credit to the original maker.


We also operate related for-profit entities each of which contributes a percentage of its annual revenues to The Kitchen. Founded in 2020 on the principle that all people should have access to the foods that make them happy and keep them healthy